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No Need to Resize: Learn How to Make Your Too-Big Ring Fit Again

No Need to Resize: Learn How to Make Your Too-Big Ring Fit Again
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Having the right size ring is crucial. If it’s too big, it’ll fall off easily. Too small and it’ll be uncomfortable and difficult to remove. When your ring doesn’t fit, your first thought is to get it re-sized.

There are many reasons you may need a different size of ring. It could be to wear it on the index or thumb finger instead of the middle finger, for example. Sometimes it’s safer and more permanent to have your ring permanently resized, but there are other considerations that make temporary solutions more ideal. The reasons can be found at this website.

When Not to Resize Your Ring

One of the most common causes of an off-center ring is when a finger shrinks. Finger rings can often shrink for many different reasons including cold weather or going on a diet.

If your ring becomes tight, you may have an underlying health concern. Make sure to check in with your doctor about any recent changes in your weight, nutrition, exercise habits, allergies, or other health conditions that could be the cause for these changes.

If you don’t want to re-size your ring, sometimes a temporary adjuster can be just what you need. It’s worn like a normal ring and will stretch as needed, so it’s perfect for someone who is sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Whether you need a temporary solution to put on until you reach your goal weight, or want something you can take in and out depending on the weather, read on for tips on how to make a ring smaller without resizing.

DIY Ring Resizing Tips

If you’re wearing a ring that isn’t your size, it can be hard to find the right jeweler to resize it. You don’t have to worry though – if you need to make the ring smaller at home, we’ve got how-to instructions!

transparent ring resizer

Use a Silicon Ring Adjuster

Cheap, silicon ring adjusters are an easy way to solve your size issue. These silicone wedges or sleeves go between your ring and the finger.

They’ll work, but the ring will sit awkwardly up on your finger. Additionally, they’re much less reliable than something professionally soldered on and they are still at risk of slipping out.

What to Avoid when It Comes to Resizing Your Ring at Home?

When you need to make your ring smaller, it’s tempting to use a DIY solution that still lets you wear it. However, these makeshift solutions can cause problems and even result in injury.

Since the ring will not easily fit again, we do not recommend using tape, liquid guard, or food-grade silicone to make a ring smaller without resizing it first.

While most jewelry is safe to wear, some metals may react poorly to your skin. Gold and platinum typically do not react poorly with skin, but many rings are alloyed with other metals that can cause a reaction.

Some Useful Ring Care Advice

If your ring is a bit too big, take it off and store it in a fabric pouch. Go to your favorite jeweler and let their expert opinion decide whether you need to resize the ring permanently, use an adjustable ring sizer like those we discussed earlier, or use one of those handy plastic guards.

Try not to resize your ring too often. Each time you do, the metal will stretch and weaken. Resizing more than once in a short time frame is especially bad for the integrity of the ring. Some jewelers will only let you resize one time free of charge because they know that frequent resizing can be detrimental to your ring’s durability.

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